Cichowski Lab

Brigham & Women's Hospital | Harvard Medical School

Epigenetics and the Ras pathway

The deregulation of epigenetic processes is rapidly becoming appreciated as an important regulator of cancer. We have recently discovered that the Ras pathway can be regulated by and can cooperate with epigenetic enzymes. Thus, in addition to unraveling new mechanisms that contribute to tumorigenesis, these findings reveal additional genes/proteins that represent new potential therapeutic targets.


A Deregulated HOX Gene Axis Confers an Epigenetic Vulnerability in KRAS-Mutant Lung Cancers

Stephanie L. Guerra, Ophélia Maertens, Ryan Kuzmickas, Thomas De Raedt, Richard O. Adeyemi, Caroline J. Guild, Shawna Guillemette, Amanda J. Redig, Emily S. Chambers, Man Xu, Hong Tiv, Sandro Santagata, Pasi A. Jänne, Stephen J. Elledge, Karen Cichowski

Cancer Cell, vol. 37, 2020, pp. 705-719.e6


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