Cichowski Lab

Brigham & Women's Hospital | Harvard Medical School

Welcome to the Cichowski Lab!

The focus of our lab is to elucidate how deregulated cell signaling drives cancer. To achieve this we have been taking a multi-faceted approach; combining mouse modeling techniques with basic biochemical and cell biological studies. One of the most commonly deregulated signaling pathways in human cancer is the Ras pathway. Mutations can occur in Ras itself, upstream regulators, or downstream effectors. Therefore we have been focusing on how this pathway promotes nervous system, lung, prostate, and breast cancers. We have also been using our mouse models and insight to develop novel therapies, several of which have been developed into clinical trials.

We are located in the New Research Building at Harvard Medical School and are affiliated with Brigham & Women's Hospital. 
We are recruiting grad students and post-docs! If interested, please contact us to discuss your research interests.


Dr. Karen Cichowski

Department of Medicine, Division of Genetics

Brigham & Women's Hospital | Harvard Medical School

77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
New Research Building, Room 458D
Boston, MA, 02115


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