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Dec 5, 2023

Naiara presents at the EACR-AstraZeneca Cancer Epigenetics Conference

Oct 27, 2023

Francesca successfully defends her thesis. Congrats, Dr. Nardi!

Sep 22, 2023

Karen gives a talk at the 3rd Annual Genetics Retreat

Jul 24, 2023

Carrie Rodriguez is leaving the lab to become a PhD student at MIT. Congrats and good luck, Carrie!

Jul 14, 2023

Congratulations to Francesca on the publication of her paper in JCI!

Co-targeting a MYC-eIF4A survival axis improves the efficacy of KRAS inhibitors in lung cancer

Jul 10, 2023

Gerald Mastellone joins the lab as a Technical Research Assistant. Welcome, Gerald!

Jun 14, 2023

Will Brown joins the lab as a Technical Research Assistant. Welcome, Will!

Jun 9, 2023

Natalie Pilla is leaving the lab to become a PhD student at Stanford University. Congrats and good luck, Natalie!

May 31, 2023

Akiko Yoshinaga joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Welcome to the lab, Akiko!

May 18, 2023

Congratulations to Abby on the publication of her paper in Cancer Research!

DAB2IP is a bifunctional tumor suppressor that regulates wildtype RAS and inflammatory cascades in KRAS mutant colon cancer

May 8, 2023

Elizabeth Luo, a Northeastern University undergrad, joins the lab as a summer intern. Welcome Elizabeth!

Apr 27, 2023

Congratulations to Amy on the publication of her paper in PLOS Biology!

Combating castration-resistant prostate cancer by co-targeting the epigenetic regulators EZH2 and HDAC

Apr 26, 2023

Congratulations Dr. Loi on a successful dissertation defense!

Apr 18, 2023

Karen presents at the 2023 AACR Annual Meeting

ME25: Strategies for developing combinatorial therapies for Ras-driven cancers.

Apr 7, 2023

Congratulations to Naiara on the publication of her paper in Cell Reports Medicine!

USP9X mediates an acute adaptive response to MAPK suppression in pancreatic cancer but creates multiple actionable therapeutic vulnerabilities

Apr 3, 2023

Emma Lecky joins the lab as a rotation student. Welcome Emma!

Dec 21, 2022

Naiara gives a seminar at the Center for Applied Medical Research in Pamplona, Spain

Dec 6, 2022

Naiara and Amy present posters at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in Texas

Nov 3, 2022

Patrick and Amy present at Cancer Research UK - National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Grand Challenges Future Leaders Conference in Barcelona, Spain

Sep 20, 2022

Alycia presents at the F99/K00 Fellows Annual Conference

Sep 19, 2022

Anjana joins the lab as a Technical Research Assistant!

Sep 1, 2022

Lisa presents at the Therapeutics Graduate Student Symposium

Aug 16, 2022

Karen is an invited speaker at the Mechanisms & Models of Cancer conference at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Jun 16, 2022

Patrick, Lisa, & Francesca win the Landry Poster contest!

Apr 1, 2022

Rhea is awarded a Landry Cancer Biology Research Fellowship

Apr 1, 2022

Amy receives the American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship

Mar 29, 2022

Rhea passes her PQE and is now a PhD candidate!

Jan 18, 2022

Alycia joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow

Jan 2, 2022

Amy receives the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation Grant

Dec 1, 2021

Amy receives the METAvivor Early Career Investigator Award

Dec 1, 2021

Marina successfully defends her thesis! Congrats Dr. Watanabe!

Sep 7, 2021

Natalie and Carrie join the lab as Technical Research Assistants


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